Department of Touristic Heritage and Management of Tourist Attractions/ Destinations


Department of Touristic Heritage and Management of Tourist Attractions/ Destinations


Tasks and basic responsibilities


·      Ensures the sustainable development of the domestic tourism;

·      Develops plans and advice on draft legislation projects pertaining national tourism;

·      Initiates and promotes carrying out studies that would substantiate the capitalization on domestic tourism potential;

·      Works with local and central public administration, with national and foreign scientific and specialized institutions, NGOs in the specific areas of  activity;

·      Ensures the rational use of tourism resources and the compliance with conservation and protection measures of the environments in the tourist areas and tourist resorts;

·      Classifies and confirms the statute of tourist accommodation structures;

·      Keeps record of the classification and certification of the documentation referring to tourism;

·      Develops, approves and registers tourist routes and products according the law;

·      Offers, where possible, specialized informational help to the economic agents from the tourism field, tourism associations, individuals and local authorities;

·      Manages the activity of the National Training Center for Tourism Industry Personnel

·      Takes part in different activities such as professional research, conferences, seminars, symposiums and other activities that are organized at national and international level.

·      Takes part, together with the competent bodies, in checking the compliance with license condition of the tourism activity; examines and solves, within possibilities, complaints related to the quality of the rendered services;

·      Organizes and supervises the editorial and advertising activity within the Agency;

·      Widely uses the informational systems concerning the tourism field;

·      Together with the Department of Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Agency, carries out forecasts on tourism development in the Republic of Moldova, and within its terms, provides the requested information, referring to the tourism field;

·      Monitors the record of tourist traffic;

·      Asks the economic agents from the tourism industry to provide accounts and statistical reports on their work;

·      Prepares and submits for approval the pattern of the contract and of the touristic voucher;

·      Involves in development and implementation of the present and future activity plans in the field;

·      Works with other subdivisions of the Agency;


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