Tourism Agency College 
In accordance with Decision No. 483 of 14.06.2010 on the approval of members of the College of Tourism Agency, the list of members is presented.
of Tourism Agency College
PLATON Nicolae          General Director of the Tourism Agency, chairman of the College
CUCER Adrian              Deputy Director of the Tourism Agency
CALMÎC Octavian         Deputy minister of Economy
POSTICĂ Gheorghe     Deputy minister of Culture
ŢAPIŞ Valentina            Deputy minister of Environment
GHERASIM Boris          Deputy minister of Transports and road infrastructure
HÎNCU Nicolae               Deputy minister of Youth and Sports
PURICE Mihail               Head of Police Border Department
CHIRIAC Liubomir        expert, Institute for Democracy and Social Initiatives "Viitorul"
 The Advisory Council
According to Order no. 30 of 23 July 2013 on the approval of members of the Advisory Council for Tourism and Minutes of the Tourism Advisory Council meeting from August 1, 2013, the list of members is presented.

President of the Advisory Council

Turcov Elena - Head of Tourism Department, ASEM 

Advisory Council secretary

Portneacov Neli-Director School of Tourism and Hospitality  


Advisory Council members
  1. Grişca Vasile – Chief of the Department for guides, ANAT
  2. Mărgineanu Gabriel – President of the Tourism Industry Employers' Association of the Republic of Moldova
  3. Lazăr Svetlana – President of National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism
  4. Miron Viorel – President of Association of Tourism Development in Moldova
  5. Rusu Stanislav – President of National Association of Hotels and Restaurants from Moldova
  6. Coşciug Cristina – Vice-Rector for International Relations, Agrarian State University of Moldova
  7. Poiată Anatol – Director “Amadeus Travel Lufthansa City Center”
  8.  Lazăr Tatiana – Director “TATRAbis”
  9.  Colun Grigore – Director “Calipso Travel Company”


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